About Ibn Sina Nursing Institute, Kallyanpur

Guided by the philosophy ‘to serve humanity is to serve the almighty’ the IBN SINA TRUST was established on 30th June 1980, under the competent leadership group of dedicated trustees. At the beginning its steps were definitely small but the vision was so broad and its people had the missionary feeling in the core of their hearts. We had the belief that a thousand kilometer journey starts through a single step. Ahamdulillah this organization was able to bring breakthrough in healthcare sector of Bangladesh. Over the last three decades it built a number of hospitals, laboratories, consultation centre, pharmaceutical industry, Medical College and Nursing Institute. All its profit are dedicated for the purpose to serve humanity. Millions of people were benefited from its benevolence. Its efforts are not only concentrated in posh areas of Dhaka, it is for humanity irrespective of rich or poor, cast and creed, religion or ethnicity. Its service is extended even in the most remote area of Bangladesh in Longdu upazilla of Rangamati hill district. There a big number of tribal people are getting modern healthcare facility. The trust was name according to the of great physician and specilist ‘Abu Ali Hussain Ibn Sina’ porularly known as ‘Avicina or Ibn sina’. His book ‘Al-Kanun fil-Tibb’ was regarded as the bible of physicians for about 800 years.

After having an experience of building different healthcare provide organizations, its trustee board felt the necessity to establish a Nursing Institute to produce good quality Nurses with highest grade of professional quality blended with humane morality. As a part of this Endeavour Ibn Sina Nursing Institute started its journey from 1st July 2010 with 50 students. Now already Three batch of Ibn Sina Nurses are on their service.

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