To serve the humanity as a whole with this noble vision the Ibn Sina Trust started its journey in June 1980. The trust has agreed upon to provide health care service to the people of Bangladesh with affordable cost.

Ward/Cabin Information

Facilities Ibn Sina specialize Hospital, dhanmondi.(Rent per Day)
General Cabin AC 2500-6500
VIP Cabin 6000-6500
ICU General 4300
ICU Stroke 4300
CCU 4300
CICU 4300
HDU 4300
Inquabetor 2800
Warmer 2800
Post Cath 2500
Cardiac Ward 2100
Male Ward 1900
Female Ward 1900
Stroke Ward 1900
Oncology Ward 1900
Endoscopy Ward 1900
NICU Open Cot 1800